A lot can happen in a year

The other day, my LinkedIn account informed me that I had a work anniversary. I’m not sure what is worse, that I didn’t know for which company or that I had no idea how to check LinkedIn to see for which company. June is a big month for me in terms of anniversaries. I got married in June, had my first baby in June, started my first two businesses in June and now it turns out Marilyn and I have been in business for a year.

In some ways, it feels like we just started this whirlwind adventure and in other ways it feels like we’ve been working on this forever. Last June, we had a friendship, a prototype, and I was down to only one boob. Over the course of the summer we researched a lot of production options and talked to other breast cancer survivors and members of the breast cancer community.

By the Fall, we had entered into the StartupNextRVA competition. We were fortunate enough to receive exceptional help from local mentors and business owners. Winning that competition threw us into a spotlight we never expected to find. Many people have helped us since the fall. It’s almost silly to try to thank everyone. Winning that competition really gave us the confidence to launch a successful crowd funding campaign in turn giving us the ability to produce and package our first round of TaTa Toppers. This spring brought on tradeshows, two more high profile pitch competitions, a whole lot of press, and meetings after meetings.   At the end of our first year: we have learned more than we ever knew we needed to learn; I’m back to having two boobs; and we now kind of understand what web analytics means. We have had some ups and downs but as we set off on our summer of selling we continue to be motivated by the fact that we are helping women sleep better after a mastectomy.

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