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What a year for the TaTaTopper! We have been incredibly busy this past year and let the time slip away. It appears that we haven’t written a blog in quite a while! So we decided we would update all of you who helped launch our company. We found out quickly that most people buy the TaTaTopper as a gift for friends either who are breastfeeding or recovering from a mastectomy. Because of this, we have rebranded and created a new package that is perfect for retail stores. It looks like a cute little gift box! We have also worked hard to create a sales kit that is both informative and attractive to give to retailers along with new brochures for a quick look at the TaTaTopper. In addition to our retail sales, Elements Massage in Short Pump has dedicated a massage room to women who want to use a TaTaTopper while getting a massage. We have also attended two trade shows, one in Atlanta and one in Dallas and continue to build awareness for our product. With more people shopping online, we have spoken to several people about SEO’s (Search Engine Optimization), which will help people find us online. Holy cow, that is a whole new world for us. But, it also has allowed us to expand globally. THE VEDP assisted us in translating our website into 3 different languages, German, French and Spanish! Our story is also in a college textbook that comes out this year. As you can see it has been a busy year for us. We wanted to send a quick update to everyone that so graciously supported us when we did the Indiegogo campaign as well as to our friends and family that provide us continued support and patience as we work to produce this product.


Thanks for a great year!

Marilyn & Michelle

3 thoughts on “TaTaTopper Update

  1. Congratulations on your busy year! I hope word of your fabulous product continues to spread as so many women will benefit!

    1. Thank you so much Lori! We are trying out this new world of social media. There is definitely a learning curve, but we do believe women will benefit so we keep on trying. 🙂


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