Great Breast Cancer Post Op Quesion!

Today we received a question from a woman diagnosed with Breast Cancer about to have a Mastectomy wanting to know how soon after surgery she could lie down on the TaTaTopper.  I felt like this was an important question so I decided to write a blog about it.

The first thing Michelle and I would say is to check with your doctor and your comfort level before using the TaTaTopper.  Everyone’s surgery progress and recovery are different.

We created the TaTaTopper after Michelle had her second surgery and she was able to lie down on it right away.  Sometimes there is tenderness right under your breasts at your ribs so you kind of have to try different ways of lying on it to see what is comfortable for you. My surgeon put in what I like to call a “hammock” under the bottom of the newly reconstructed breast to help support the implant.  This “hammock” is sewn into the ribs.  I wasn’t aware of this before my surgery, but afterwards my ribs were so tender that I could barely touch them and an underwire bra was painful to wear for years.  I asked the doctor why I had so much pain there and he explained what they did.

The other concern is that using your arms to push up can be tricky right after surgery. Michelle would climb up on her husband’s side of the bed and lie down on her back.  She tucked the drain closest to the topper in the cut out area and then rolled onto it.

The other great thing about the cut out area is that you can lie on your side and tuck a drain right in the hole.  Nothing touches the sensitive areas where the drains are inserted into your skin. The drain just sits in the hole, and doesn’t pull on your skin.

My surgery was before i thought about this product so I had to try to sleep sitting up with my arms propped up on pillows.  Two weeks of that was just plain depressing.  At least I get to use it now to get a massage, which is heavenly.

http://tatatopper.comI hope this information is helpful.  Michelle and I are always willing to answer questions, but we are not doctors so we can only speak to our own personal experiences.


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