Doing Good

I just read a quote on Facebook that a friend posted about “doing good”.  It struck a nerve with me because that tends to be my motto in life, and I know for certain Michelle feels the same way.  As a matter of fact, most women I know feel this way.

When we started our business our main goal was to “do good”!  We both had a strong desire to help other women recover more comfortably after having a mastectomy.  After all, the surgery is scary enough and being diagnosed with cancer, well, I think anyone can imagine how frightening that is.  The ability to rest while recovering is so important to the healing process, yet most women will just try to suffer through it and pray they get to live long enough to see their children grow up, get married and have grandbabies.

While on our journey to help other women, we have come to realize that women will suffer through pain and discomfort before helping themselves.  But if someone they love is in pain, they will move heaven and earth to help them.  As Michelle stated in an earlier blog, we have seen friends buy the TaTa Topper for friends, because they just want to help the ones they love.  But, we have yet to see a woman purchase one for herself.  We are told how important it is to take care of ourselves and put ourselves first so we can be here for the ones we love.  But putting others first is what we do.  I don’t think this is a quality that will ever change.  It is an innate behavior and it’s what makes us special.  We love deeply, and we take care of others.  That is what Michelle and I try to do each day.  We are blessed and grateful to have the opportunity, and to be here to see our children grow.

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