Countdown to Thanksgiving!

I love everything about Thanksgiving: food, friends, and my little family all together under one roof for 4 whole days.  Those of you that know me, know that I love to cook.  Thanksgiving gives me an excuse to take it to the extreme.  I’ve been baking since Saturday and Thanksgiving is still 3 days away! Food is definitely one of my favorite ways to show the people around me how much I love them.  I love to find new recipes, the best ingredients, and then share the final product with anyone who wants to come into our home.  (Don’t let the love for cooking fool you…there have been some major cooking flops, hopefully not this Thursday though)

Gratitude takes some people a lifetime to appreciate.  Believe me, now that I am raising a 9-year-old girl, it is a daily topic of conversation around here.  I do believe that most people love Thanksgiving for all the reasons that I’ve already mentioned.  But also because two commonly shared values among most religions are forgiveness and gratitude.  Really being grateful and celebrating it this holiday season makes people feel good. And if you are a spiritual person the ability to turn those values into actions, to forgive and to be grateful, are the keys to life renewed or inner peace.

Strive to be a good example for your children. Thank the people around you that make your life, your most wonderful life. Do small acts of kindness that might make someone’s day a little bit brighter.  Hug your children when they are being their worst selves.

Marilyn and I are so appreciative of all of our customers, our amazing friends that enthusiastically like and share all of our news on Facebook, our loving families, good fortune and health. In appreciation of all of you, we are proudly donating a portion of our TaTaTopper sales to the Massey Cancer Center through the Women & Wellness Forum Series.  100% of the donation will be used for women’s cancer research at Massey.


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