Back to School

img_9251-1-300x225September is the month when moms do their spring cleaning. We’ve held onto summer as long as we can and slowly one by one, our babies go back to school. Our ‘fun-mom’ disposition retreats and our rule following selves reappear. The calendars are out. The groceries are stocked. The sports schedules are set. The holidays are marked. The carpools are organized. The house is clean and our hair appointments are finally kept. My ‘mom friends’, as I like to admiringly refer to them as, raise their children as well as anyone would manage a Fortune 500 company.

I’m happy that my son still holds my hand and if we get disconnected he looks around for me to make sure I’m close to him. I’m cautious that my daughter doesn’t quite know how to reintroduce herself to old friends. And I adore my baby, who is shockingly turning 4 next week, but sits in my lap and talks to me like a peer. I’m also proud that I can put myself in situations to make new ‘mom friends’ in a town I’ve lived most of my life. My friends have children of all ages and we seem to all have the timeless struggle between being satisfied that we have raised our little ones to be strong, independent, social, intelligent people and mourning their separation from us all at the same time.  It is an anxiousness that I can’t describe well but moms get it. We help others when we can and steal a few heavenly hours away together when we can find them!

I’m the first one to admit that I’m not the perfect parent. Every decision we make seems to have a positive and negative affect on our family and I’m just hoping for a net positive at the end of the day. It’s not just a balance with our children but with our spouses, jobs, friends and family too. I’m so appreciative to all of the lovelies in my life that forgive my shortcomings and praise my small successes.

We feel really good about having a product, the TaTaTopper, that supports women because we all live our lives for so many other people. Sleeping well is actually something we can and need to do for ourselves.

In addition to our families, our company is regrouping for the fall as well.  We have accomplished a lot this summer. Our patent getting approved was probably the highlight but we also spent countless hours trying to figure out how to package the TummyTopper.  After many conversations with several companies, we are proud that a  local company, not only can make our retail box but can package the topper inside it almost as small as the TaTaTopper. We’ve also learned about the vast world of Search Engine Optimization.  Today an online campaign launched between Google, Amazon and Facebook to let more people know about the TaTaTopper and how it can help women after mastectomies and breast surgeries.  We are hoping that this will help get the toppers to women that need them.

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