Breast Surgery Recovery

Breast Surgery Recovery
“I was exhausted after my first week back to work and finally slept for 11.5 hours last night. I’m not exaggerating. Now, I wake up, shift on the TaTaTopper, and go right back to sleep.”

–Sherry P. – Richmond, VA

The breast area is very sensitive after surgery. Post-operative drains and stitches are painful, making sleep difficult. The TaTaTopper allows women to sleep comfortably on their sides or stomachs with minimal contact to the sensitive areas and provides room for the drains.

One of the biggest complaints from patients recovering from breast surgery is the lack of sleep. Most experts agree that approximately 79% of people sleep on their stomachs or sides. This suggests that more than 380,000 women per year can benefit from using the TaTaTopper.

customer2Benefits of TaTaTopper:

It allows patients to sleep on their sides or stomachs comfortably after surgery.
It offers minimal or no contact with the sensitive breast area.
Inserts enable patients to customize the size of the opening.
Opening provides room for post-operative drains.
Less pain makes happier patients.