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Can You Sleep on Your Stomach During Pregnancy?

Sleeping During Pregnancy
Sleeping can be a nightmare for women during pregnancy. Many of the sleep positions you once enjoyed may no longer bring comfort. In fact, many women are afraid to sleep in certain positions, such as on their stomachs, out of fear that it may hurt the baby.

Why...Read More »

Countdown to Thanksgiving!

I love everything about Thanksgiving: food, friends, and my little family all together under one roof for 4 whole days.  Those of you that know me, know that I love to cook.  Thanksgiving gives me an excuse to take it to the extreme.  I’ve been baking since Saturday and Thanksgiving...Read More »

Back to School

September is the month when moms do their spring cleaning. We’ve held onto summer as long as we can and slowly one by one, our babies go back to school. Our ‘fun-mom’ disposition retreats and our rule following selves reappear. The calendars are out. The groceries are stocked. The sports...Read More »

Food to bring your favorite patient

Some of our favorite foods to bring your favorite patients


Chicken Noodle

In a stockpot add enough water to cover a whole chicken
Add 3 chicken bouillon cubes
Cover and let boil for an hour
Remove chicken and place on cutting board
Add a chop of chopped celery and carrots to the...Read More »

5 Years

It’s been five years since the passing of my dear friend Carolyn Moeller.  I will never forget driving home from our family vacation for her funeral.  As we were driving, I received a call from my doctor’s office telling me I had a suspicious mammogram.  I couldn’t even consider me...Read More »

Great Breast Cancer Post Op Quesion!

Today we received a question from a woman diagnosed with Breast Cancer about to have a Mastectomy wanting to know how soon after surgery she could lie down on the TaTaTopper.  I felt like this was an important question so I decided to write a blog about it.

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TaTaTopper Update

What a year for the TaTaTopper! We have been incredibly busy this past year and let the time slip away. It appears that we haven’t written a blog in quite a while! So we decided we would update all of you who helped launch our company. We found out quickly...Read More »

Doing Good

I just read a quote on Facebook that a friend posted about “doing good”.  It struck a nerve with me because that tends to be my motto in life, and I know for certain Michelle feels the same way.  As a matter of fact, most women I know feel this...Read More »


A lot can happen in a year

The other day, my LinkedIn account informed me that I had a work anniversary. I’m not sure what is worse, that I didn’t know for which company or that I had no idea how to check LinkedIn to see for which company. June is...Read More »



Giving gifts is one of my secret loves. It’s exciting. I feel like I’m on a hunt. Finding the right gift for the right person brings me so much joy. I don’t always buy gifts, many times I make them or if you are lucky I’ll even...Read More »


It has been said that a lot can happen in a year. It was about this time last year that I was weaning my baby girl and talking to my oncologist about what the best age would be to have a preventative mastectomy. For someone that grew up in a...Read More »

Big Things Happening

Things are getting exciting for the TaTaTopper and Marilyn & Michelle.  We entered a StartUp Next competition and won!  What an honor to compete against so many amazing start ups.  We know this is only the beginning of more hard work, but we learned a lot and met some wonderful...Read More »

Introducing the TaTa Topper

So this is the beginning of our first blogging experience. We are nervous and hopeful as we begin our journey into helping women through a difficult time.

Let’s face it, breast cancer sucks! There’s nothing good about hearing you have breast cancer. However, the love and support you receive is unreal...Read More »